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Oct 7, 2012 5:00am PDT
and the amount of loans. >> that's true. >> the sba works with local banks. the smaller the bank, the better. i think the whole debate on small business is a metaphor for big, bad government. democrats always have a burden of trying to convince people what we are trying to do can be in partnership with creating jobs and helping businesses. to the extent the government is the enemy. so, when we talk about small business trying to provide reassurance. it's what president obama is trying to do. we want to be your partner. when they talk small business, they are pegging us as the one who is the enemy. >> j.j., do you agree with what he said? you spend all your time talking to small business owners. the category is so murky. i watch your show and i have a retail shop and seven employees. >> access to capital is an issue. i don't find it as the biggest issue. i think the nifb does say this. in my expeernls i agree with it. a lot of people aren't going out trying to get loans because they are not sure they can pay them back. sba increased the number of loans but there are a lot of issues with banks be
Oct 27, 2012 5:00am PDT
, that there's a difference between national politics and state and local which we know. we're seeing it play out in the republican party i think in a very interesting way. these senate races where they're talking about rape, these guys look like knee andre thols. they're white, they're male. you're trying to tell women that rape is an awful thing but even the child that's the by-product of that rape is god's will that that child has been born and it's just -- you know, that kind of thing makes people squeamish. like the professor talked about, chris, you don't want to eat phi with a republican party. >> it makes people squeamish because as you said, michael, it is a radical minor taryn position. >> listen. >> you believe it. obama's position on abortion, it should be legal in all circumstances for any reason is a minority position. >> i agree. >> most americans are for only the good abortions. it's only partisaned or ideological people like us that have a coherent view. the other thing is when we're talking about the personnel, who's actually running where martha cokely was a terrible candid
Oct 14, 2012 5:00am PDT
of the week. former modelling analyst olga created shoptiques a fashion marketplace that helps local boutiques without their own e-commerce site. she launched an online magazine for a source of what's in. for more, watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. >>> we are talking about polling and what polling measures and doesn't measure. preference and intensity. you wanted to say something. we are talking financial reform. >> we all fall into this rhetoric, this is the currency, what do people think. it's more of a consumer model in a couple ways. you were comparing polls to scotch. people are selling polls with high numbers because we get a hit off the high numbers. >> absolutely. >> we have to demand is certified humane poll model you are talking about. >> organic polls. >> i'm not going touch that poll. >> it's true, though. >> then i'm interested, also in that it turns us, if we answer a poll question, it's different than being a citizen. if we want to have a portrait of society, accuse politicians. use polls as a way to say hey, you aren't doing a good job of educating the pub
Oct 21, 2012 5:00am PDT
" entrepreneur of the week. former modelling analyst olga created shoptiques that help local boutiques that don't have their own e-commerce sites online. as an ultimate source for what's in. for more, watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean. with tide pods. a powerful three-in-one detergent that cleans. brightens. and fights stains just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined pop in. stand out. with a vial and syringe. me, explaining what i was doing at breakfast. and me discovering novolog mix 70/30 flexpen. flexpen is pre-filled with your pre-mix insulin. dial the exact dose. inject by pushing a button. no vials, syringes or coolers to carry. flexpen is insulin delivery my way. novolog mix 70/30 is an insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. do not inject if you do not plan to eat within 15 minutes to avoid low blood sugar. tell your healthcare provider about all medicines you take and all of your medical conditions, including if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. most
Oct 13, 2012 5:00am PDT
signed the role as the local guarantor of the security because people should keep in mind the first line of defense for security anywhere, any consulate and embassy is the host country. we have people that will -- you know, we have cops outside embassies in the united states and so since there wasn't really a properly constituted libyan government, the role was given to the militia which were also overrun. >> right. i mean, look. big picture there's a cost in these interventions and the cost is always high and it's always unpredictable. you don't know when it's going to rear its ugly head. in terms of if one is responsible for protecting people within a facility, i've been in that position having been in charge of bureaus. we had one incident in baghdad where there was a sticky bomb outside the bureau. we raised the red alarm -- the red flags about it and then three weeks later the entire base and infrastructure was blown up. that was a situation in libya where you had different incidents. the state department should have responded. when your guys in the field are saying we're under thre
Oct 20, 2012 5:00am PDT
of the local government to try to bring in new business. >> there's not a lot. >> it doesn't exist. the only other large company is actually a tire plant which was saved by president obama in getting tough on chinese tires. >> you are welcome back at this table at any time. i want to thank you coming today. i appreciate your story. i want to thank tom gaulrapp. and thea as well. we'd love to have you both back. what we know now we didn't know last week. my answers after this. now i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i didn't know this could happen so young. take control, talk to your doctor. we put a week of her family's smelly stuff all in at once to prove that febreze car vent clips could eliminate the odor. then we brought her family to see if it worked. tell me what you smell. something fresh. a beach. take your blindfolds off. oh! look at all this garbage! febreze car. eliminates odors for continuous freshness, so you can breathe happy. have you tried this yet? save on febreze car and other innovative prod
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)